Best Cat Food Brands For Kittens

There are many best cat food brands for kittens available in the market, in this brief guide we will show you what is definitely to be avoided and we will recommend some of the best products for your kitten.

First of all, to decide your pet’s food plan, you need to distinguish the three stages of development:

  • Small kitten
  • Adult cat
  • Elderly cat

Cat food must be adequate for the age of the cat itself, the diet for small kittens must be protein-rich food and fat to develop strong bones, teeth, and muscles. Kittens are more active than older cats and need to convert calories quickly into energy.

The adult cats should have a diet low in calories, with weight control considerations. Being overweight, as with humans, can lead to diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Unless an adult cat is pregnant or nursing, it does not require the caloric and protein/fat content consumed by a kitten.

Older cats are generally more sedentary and need a low-fat diet with highly digestible proteins to alleviate the burden of processing on their kidneys.

Read the labels well

A healthy cats diet is your best defence for long disease-free life. The nutritional needs of a cat are relatively simple. Read the labels carefully for the chosen food. These basic ingredients should always be included:

Protein from an identified source of meat, fish or poultry (“beef”, “lamb”, “turkey”, “chicken”, “tuna” – not just “meat” or “meat product”)

Taurine, Essential amino acid, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids and Water.

The three main elements should be distributed more or less with these percentages: meat (protein) around 35-40%, fat around 15% (but even less in the case of sedentary cats that tend to gain weight, you can go down to 8%), carbohydrates on 30% and finally vegetables/fibre.

The preservatives, unfortunately, are necessary to keep the food fresh so you will find them everywhere.

Fillers such as corn, wheat, rice, dyes, binders, and aromas are added to both dry and canned cat food by the manufacturers only to increase the weight of cans and croquettes.

The best cat food brands will generally have less artificial preservatives.

Ingredients to avoid:

  • Meat and/or bone meal by-products
  • Added sugars
  • BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate
  • Cornflour
  • Excessive carbohydrate fillers (dry cat food can contain up to 50%)

As for general feeding principles, it is recommended to keep switching brands continuously. Do your cat can eat many different kinds, for example, if one brand is lacking in the market, it can consume other brands instead.

Switching food in many ways reduces the risk of animals being endangered by contamination or food problems for a long period.

However, the choice of kitten food is very important, because you should know what kind of cat food is right for our cats.

Currently, the best kitten food can be easily purchased in general stores or in online stores, such as web pages, and prices are also available according to the size, brand.

Following are the 7 Best cat food brands for kittens that we recommend:

1. Royal Canin Kitten Food

This brand is a premium grade cat food, which is popular with cat lovers. It is having various types of cat foods that suit according to their age and requirements, some of them are as:

  • Kitten Spayed / Neutered Dry Cat Food – for kittens up to 12 months old after surgery
  • Kitten Dry Cat Food – for 4 months and 1-year kittens
  • Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food – growing baby kittens (for 1-4 months) and queen cats (pregnant or nursing)
  • Mother and Babycat Ultra-Soft Mousse in Sauce Canned Cat Food – growing baby kittens (1-4 months) and queen cats (pregnant or nursing)
  • Persian Kitten Dry Cat Food – growing kitten up to 12 months old

All these are having main ingredients such as Poultry meat, rice, corn, corn gluten, plant fibre (obtained from raw pine), animal fat (chicken and/or turkey), poultry liver, vegetable oil (soy and/or borage and/or coconut), beet pulp, minerals, yeast, fish oil, Egg powder, DL-Methionine, sodium phosphate, yeast extract, taurine, vitamins. 

Marigold Flower Extract (Rich in lutein), preservatives suitable for adult cats aged between 1-7 years of age, complete with nutritional balance for the good health of older cats.

It helps to stimulate the movement of food in the intestine and eliminate hairs that are left inside the intestine The moderate energy is suitable for cats that do not exercise much.

Many cat parents say in one voice that their cat likes this Royal Canin cat food brand most. They eat and then slim up, not bloated. Good for your cats health.


  • Helps in the development of bones and muscles
  • Control hair problems, urinary tract health care
  • Safe for the digestive system
  • Helps to grow strong and healthy
  • Helps control the shape to be slim
  • Lowers hair fall down
  • Inexpensive

Also helps stimulate the immune system to enhance the natural immunity of kittens. The growth period for kittens is important.

Since it’s a period of change and during the development of the immune system, KITTEN will stimulate the natural immune system.

From the first phase of growth by supplementing Prebiotic and important antioxidants. It helps to grow a strong and healthy immune system with various vitamins and minerals. It is suitable and helps in the development of the bones and muscles of the kitten.

And there is still energy at the right level during the kitten’s growth. Also, reduce the smell of the droppings from stinking. It comes in the format of 400 grams, 2 kg, 4 kg, and 10 kg to choose from.

2. Blue Buffalo Kitten Food

If you want to do everything you can to make sure your cat grow up healthy and strong and that’s why you’ll want to feed them natural Blue Buffalo kitten food.

All Blue Buffalo kitten dry and wet foods are made with premium natural ingredients, chosen specifically to help support everything from a kitten’s skin and coat health to his muscle, bone and cognitive development.

There are:

  • Dry Kitten Food
  • Wet Kitten Food
  • Kitten Treats

Most of the kitten foods are formulated to support the health and well-being of your feline friend. This Blue Buffalo Kitten Food includes:

  • Delicious, protein-rich Deboned Chicken
  • No chicken (or poultry) by-product meals
  • Whole carrots, sweet potatoes and peas
  • Sweet potatoes that provide healthy complex carbohydrates
  • Healthy garden veggies
  • Carefully balanced calories in our proteins and fat

3. Whiskas Kitten Food

Whiskas cat food is another popular brand. At the first level, it is available in both granular and wet food. Whiskas is having a 100% complete and balanced, range of wet and dry foods. These foods are prepared with delicious high-quality ingredients, containing all the essential nutrients your growing kitten naturally needs.

There are many sizes and 8 flavours to choose from, including mackerel, tuna, grilled saba, sea fish, mackerel and salmon, tuna and chicken, tuna and white fish, and mixed seafood.

Some kitten foods are:

Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish: 

  • Complete and balanced dry kitten food
  • For lean muscles and development of strong bones

Whiskas Wet Meal Tuna in Jelly:

  • A balanced recipe that provides moisture and nourishment
  • For heart-health, weight, teeth, muscles, bones and overall immunity
  • For beautiful skin and coat

Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish with Milk:

  • Complete and balanced dry kitten food
  • For lean muscles and development of strong bones
  • Strengthen the teeth, fur, skin and boost immunity and overall health of your pet kitten

Whiskas Kitten Mackerel Flavour:

  • Filled with best mackerel and poultry ingredients
  • For  a healthy, active and long life
  • Ensure a healthy heart and immune system
  • For beautiful skin and coat

All the kitten and adult foods are nutritionally complete and balanced, as well as tasty and full of natural goodness to your pet need to lead a healthy and active life.

4. Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Food

Purina ONE is another brand that is popular with cats. It is a dry and wet food formula for kittens (from 3 weeks – to 1 year). Kittens aged 3 weeks and up.

Cat food Purina ONE specially formulated for kittens with up to 40% protein. Suitable for growing ages. Contains DHA that improves brain development and high protein for growth. With antioxidants from vitamin E, A, and selenium to help boost immunity. Made from chicken and rice. When the cat eats, it will make the cat have soft fur.


  • Protein up to 40% suitable for growing age
  • Contains DHA, a substance found in breast milk for brain and eye development
  • Made from chicken and rice, helping to be easily digested
  • Soft, smooth hair, reducing hair loss
  • No crap time

5. Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development

It is another brand loved by cat parents. It provides precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing kittens. It supports healthy brain & eye development. Infused clinically proven antioxidant and formulated without artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

It is recommended for kittens, from weaning until 1-year-old and pregnant or nursing cats.

It is worth buying when it provides an equal amount of health benefits when compared to even the most expensive brands.

6. Iams ProActive Health Kitten Food

Iams ProActive Health Kitten Food is formulated with a premium protein blend, a unique fibre and a customized mix of protein and carbs.

IAMS kitten food promotes a healthy weight, supports digestive health, hairball care and gives her energy for all kinds of frisky business.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Complete and balanced nutrition food
  • Boost the immune system and keep your pet healthy
  • Promote good vision and a healthy heart
  • Natural fibre blend to help reduce hairballs
  • Crunchy kibble helps keep teeth clean and tartar-free.
  • For kittens and pregnant or nursing cats

7. Instinct by Nature’s Variety Original Kitten Food

All Instinct foods are made in the U.S.A. Frozen and freeze-dried raw foods are made in their company-owned facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kibble and wet foods are made in Kansas. All Instinct foods are preserved naturally.

Some of the good points to highlight:

  • Real raw food
  • Contains real meat
  • Close to its natural state as possible
  • Rich in nutrient
  • High protein food
  • Grain-free recipes
  • Perfect for pets with food sensitivities


Many cat owners have a misunderstanding that cats can eat the same food forever, but in truth, the cat needs different nutrients in each stage of his growth.

Therefore, for your cat to have good health, strong bones and have a long life, should choose a cat food that is suitable for helping her age. To help prevent disease and build immunity for her.

And another thing that should be given to the importance of water is that you should take care of your cat to drink plenty of water each day because of every type of food, every brand, not even the premier grade is salty.

Therefore, if the cat is not getting enough water each day it may cause a high risk of kidney disease.

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