Best Cat Food Puzzles

Cats become happy and healthy when they have to work for their food. Many cats live in the house for various reasons such as for rest and food, but because they are natural foragers, this can lead to behavioural and health problems. The latest research shows that food puzzles have great effects to resolve these problems. These can keep your cat engaged and arouse your cat’s hunter spirit.

Here are some best cat food puzzles found on Amazon right below.

1. Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center

Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center

Game 1: Globe is resembling fish bowls and requires cats to scoop out food with the help of their paw

Game 2: Pegs lead cats to make out treats from a distance and map out a hunting strategy

Game 3: Alley is a playful choice that permits cats to get treats while lying down using their paws or claws or toes

Game 4: The tongue is for liquid treats since the slits hinder the cat from using its feet

Game 5: A mouse hole like a tunnel for a cat for hiding toys and food

2. North Mate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats

North Mate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats

This puzzle is prepared to simulate for feeling in the grass – and you can hide treats and best of food for your cat to search out with their paws.

  • It stimulates a cat’s natural instinct
  • It turns feed-time into an inspiring hunting game
  • For indoor fun and stimulation
  • Stylish purple spikes
  • Ensure maximum challenge for cats

3. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

  • New and enhanced design with a narrow top opening and wider base for more constancy!
  • A smart toy that provokes cats to work for their food with natural hunting atmosphere and pawing behaviour. Also usable with small toys.
  • Provides three difficulty levels and is easy to disassemble
  • Whisker stress-free bowl collects lost pellets and prevents leakage

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

With a modern design Catit Senses 2.0 Digger cat puzzle encourages cats to work for their food.

Just distribute food or treats among the five differently-shaped tubes, and watch your cat sniff and paw out small portions. It works with the multiple tubes that are used for observing the natural pawing behaviour in a fun way

  • For use with kibble and treats
  • It can work with other Cat it Senses 2.0 products
  • These tubes have circle shape ends and are easy to put out and clean
  • It stimulates activity, reduces binge eating, and looks nice in your home

5. Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Slow Feeder Puzzle Bowl for Cat

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Slow Feeder Puzzle Bowl

  • Adds challenging play to treats and meals
  • Slows down eating to aid digestion
  • Tails can twist, rearrange, or be removed for a continuous puzzle
  • Fishtail plait eliminates to access full-sized, elevated Food Bowl
  • Outer trough catches wayward treats or Food

  6. Pet Safe Slim Cat Meal Dispensing Cat Toy

Pet Safe Slim Cat Meal Dispensing Cat Toy

  • Food or treat-dispensing toy
  • Increases the playtime of the cat by using your cat’s instincts
  • Fight obesity and maintain optimum weight
  • The openings are adjustable, it can increase or decrease according to the size of a cat
  • Improves cat’s digestion by feeding different small portions
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

7. The Trixie Poker Box (Pet Products) Activity for Cats

The Trixie Poker Box (Pet Products) Activity for Cats

  • Set includes: Four compartments can be individually placed on the base
  • Each partition of the box must be opened using a different method such as lid, drawer, rope and sliding Knob
  • Non-slip rubber feet keep the base and on one place
  • It comes with the instruction documents with tricks and tips to analyze your cat’s sense of curiosity through play
  • Dishwasher safe

8. The Interactive Cat Puzzle Feeder & Treat Maze

The Interactive Cat Puzzle Feeder & Treat Maze

  • This clever cat puzzle toy encourages your kitty’s natural characters to search, scrap sniff, and hunt.
  • It’s a composable cardboard box with inner chambers and holes for your cat to discover. 
  • Just block it with your cat’s favourite food and toys, and look at them spend hours enjoying!
  • It even has three difficulty levels to test your cat as their skills improve.

Helpful review: 

“My cat has become a fan! When I first gave him the box, he spent an hour playing with it. He was EXHAUSTED! But it does not get bored with it, It keeps coming back and waits for food to be dropped in there. This toy now has a perfect method of eating.”

9. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Is your indoor cat a natural-born hunter? 

This puzzle feeder toy lets them live out their wildcat habits from the safety of their homes.

 It’s a set of durable mouse feeders.

Simply scoop your cat’s kibble into the BPA free plastic insert, add the tactile fabric skin, and let your cat go hunting. 

This VET-RECOMMENDED eating and playing with toys encourage slow feeding and exercise, putting an end to boredom and destructive behaviour.

They are already much happier, more active and energetic, interested and curious. My 10-year cat is acting like his 1-year-old it shows excitement towards its prey.

10. Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy

Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy

Think of this toy is looking race car track for. The large, eight-piece circuit has been composed of high and low sections with a motion.

It can be a light-up ball that opens around the inside. Your cat can dig, chase, and even try to catch the ball, but they’ll never get it out of the track.

Helpful review: 

“We have 6 cats. When it arrived, we easily combine it and put it down on the floor. After having had it for about a month, it still gets regular play from 3-4 of our cats. 

11. Pet Stages Grass Patch Hunting Cat Puzzle Toy

Pet stages Grass Patch Hunting Cat Puzzle Toy

The faux grass on top is perfect for scratching and lounging, and the jingle bells on the inside are fun for your kitty to chase and bat.

Add some kibble or treats and let your cat work for their food!

Helpful review: 

“My 4-year-old cats LOVE this toy. They play as if they are kittens. Fairy likes to get a ball out, chase it around, swatting at it for a bit then pick it up in his mouth and returns it to the box. It’s so entertaining to watch. My cat that loves it most is 22 pounds. This toy has let him be so active lately.

Why Cat Food Puzzle?

For cat food puzzles, nearly all our experts suggest a bowl, like this one, that is distributed by ridges so it becomes more difficult to eat than a regular bowl.

It’s a way to make slow them down while they eat, their mind might think through, How get this little piece of kibble from this bowl?

It is very thrifty for cats. Cats feel excitement to find the eating from them.

Fun Feeder Interactive Cat Bowl

You can also attempt this bowl that is distributed into concentric circles or a maze-style design. These types of bowls are too “pretty easy” for pets because, once they find its way, they can “just go in with their mouth and eat their meal. We can help animals pace themselves while eating.

PetSafeSlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Recommended by Satchu and Delgado, this little ball has small dumps that dispense treats when cats reel it around. Delgado likes that the SlimCat ball is adjustable so cats easily learn how to use it. You can make it easier with larger holes or more challenging by making the holes smaller for the food curiosity. It means more effort is needed to get the food out.

Pet Safe Fun kitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy

Askeland likes using this toy, which resembles the SlimCat, for introducing cats to food puzzles. She appreciates that there aren’t too many holes as on more toys.

Best intermediate food puzzles for cats

This food mysteries set includes three mouse-shaped toys you can fill with food and hide around the house for cats to chase.

Digger for Cats

For cats that are really food motivated and like to work hard for their evening meal, Satchuapploads this puzzle, which makes cats food out of tubes of various sizes.

Ward uses a comparable toy with his cat, which he labelled “the Fisherman” because she likes to go down and catch the food with her nails and pull it out.

Best Advanced Cat Food Puzzles

This one is an especially complex puzzle, this one features a stack of rotating disks that cats must swivel around to find their treats.

Plastic Interactive Cat Toys

Ellis says Nina Ottosson’s level-three puzzles are a lot more difficult, it requires our cats to do different things to get the prize. This level-three toy is one of the most progressive available, as dogs need to first unlock a series of drawers by winding the bones on top and then pull the drawers open to find their food. Multiple steps are generally more challenging.

Trixie Mini Mover Interactive 

Cat tackle four different hindrances – levers, pull out drawers, toppling cones, and sliding compartments are – in this extra-difficult puzzle.

Trixie Brain Mover Interactive Cat Toy

If one has a cat-like Ward that is truly agile, it may be ready to take on the several puzzles in this toy.

Trixie Mad Scientist Turn-Around Interactive Cat Toy

Like the Catit Digger, this toy includes tubes that hold cat treats, but because these are narrower, cats have to figure out how to turn them upside down to spill out the food.

Cat Amazing Epic!

This cat puzzle box has three levels and seven compartments to fill with treats or toys that cats can access only from a series of holes. You can swap out the inner dividers to make the toy more or less challenging, and it’s made from durable coated cardboard so it can withstand feline attacks.

Have you noticed your cat knocking stuff off the shelves or getting themselves a tricky hiding area? These may be signs of boredom.

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