Is Cat Litter Radioactive: A Detailed Study

What Is Cat Litter?

Cat litter is nothing but an accumulation of small grey stones that are put in boxes and in which domestic cats eliminate their waste. 

Cat litter is one of the most important things that a cat requires. A cat owner must buy a cat litter box for his dear cat.

 You may be wondering: What is in cat litter? Is cat litter radioactive and safe for you and your cat?

This article will answer all the questions of your mind.

What Is Cat Litter Made Off?

Specially cat litter is made up of different types of substances, mainly fall under three categories: clay cat litter, silica cat litter and biodegradable cat litter.

The traditional type of commercial cat litter is clay cat litter, which is widely available. 


  • Can absorb liquid and weight in cat urine
  • Has some natural odour control
  • Benoite clay-based litter, known as clumping litter, can be refilled to replace the soiled litter
  • Benoite clay-based litter box needs no frequent change


  • When clay litter becomes soiled, the odour problem begins
  • The clay litter box must be cleaned and emptied once in a week
  • Traditional clay litter does not form clumps
  • Traditional litter box must be emptied frequently to clean it.

Cat Litter Made Up Of Silica

Crystal cat litter is made of silica gel. Silica gel is a good absorbent and can control odour. There is a similarity between silica and desiccant. Cat owners, who don’t like clay litter, prefer silica litter. But silica cat litter may be dangerous for a cat if it is given in large amount.

Bio degradable Cat Litter

Bio degradable cat litters are made up of recycled paper products or green plant products. Bio degradable cat litters provide an alternative to other cat litters for those cat owners, who want the more eco-friendly green product.

But using bio degradable cat litters may cause a variety of diseases in your cat.

Is Cat Litter Radioactive?

Most cat litter contains bentonite clay, which is an absorbent material. And there are a large number of natural radio-nuclides present, that is why cat litter is considered as radioactive. Also benoite contains traces of radioactive materials like uranium and thorium. Uranium and thorium are also found in bananas, ceramic tiles, glossy magazines and Brazil nuts. The presence of these radioactive materials in clay litter makes clay litter radioactive.

Is Cat Litter Eco-friendly?

Sometimes cat owners prefer to have cat litters made from natural products, which will not affect their health and their pet cat’s health. Many cat litters like clay cat litters or silica cat litters can cause a respiratory problem in cats.

If a cat ingests cat litters made up of clay, the cat may suffer from gastrointestinal distress that may lead to death.

Cat litter is eco-friendly because many cat litters are made from recycled newspaper. Cat litters have three times more absorbent power than clay. The eco-friendly cat litter is non-toxic, dust-free and free from chemical fragrances.

Is Cat Litter Safe For You And Your Cat’s Health?

The amount of radiation in cat litter is very small. So it has no health risks for you and your pet cat. Most cat litters are completely safe for you and your pet. But if your cat starts eating cat litters, then there is a chance of constipation in your cat.

Eating the litter might be a sign that the cat is suffering from anaemia and therefore the cat is in search of iron.

Radioactive cat litters may have a negative impact on your cat’s health if your cat suffers from asthma. In this case, low dust litter is a solution to this problem.

How To Change Cat Litter Safely During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you should avoid the cat litter box. The only reason behind this is cat faeces, not its radioactive property. Cat faeces may cause a parasitic infection namely toxoplasmosis. This parasite can result in simply birth defects.

Better not to handle cat litter box if you are pregnant. If there is no other way, change the box wearing gloves. After cleaning the box, wash your hands.


The most important thing is that your cat should be comfortable with the cat litter box. Though cat litter is radioactive, there is no chance of any health issue from cat litter. Cat owners can choose either eco-friendly or traditional cat litters. The cat litter box should be cleaned at regular interval like once in a week. The only pregnant woman should avoid the cat litter box.

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